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About Us

YourDiagnosis was designed to assist users in identifying the probable or possible diagnosis of their symptoms. By using the site, users will be asked varying questions pertinent to their medical concerns or issues, which are generated in a comprehensive summary that can be presented to your doctor or health professional.

In the comprehensive summary, the list of probable or possible diagnoses includes brief relevant information regarding each diagnosis. Further, the list of diagnoses can be stored in a confidential Personal Health Record.

YourDiagnosis is not a substitute for a diagnosis made by a qualified medical practitioner, but rather an important tool for users to encourage them to have an active role in their health issues. All probable or possible diagnoses generated by the site need to be discussed and confirmed with a qualified medical practitioner.

YourDiagnosis has been designed and produced by WWW Machealth, a subsidiary of the Australian owned Machealth Corporation Pty Ltd.

It has been developed by the collaborative work of web and medical experts. App Content is continually developed and maintained by a number of medical professionals including:

Dr T Wenkart (MBBs, MPH, FAIM)
Dr G Margelis MBBS
Dr N Swart MD
Dr A Talebi MD
Dr A Tahayori MD
Dr M Narag (MD, MPH, MHM)