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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does YourDiagnosis Work?
YourDiagnosis is an confidential online diagnostic tool. Based on your symptoms, it asks a series of targeted questions, and uses this information to build a comprehensive medical history. This data is analysed using an medical algorithm to determine a list possible or probable diagnoses.
I can’t remember my secret ID or password?
Previous users with a Secret ID and password - If you provided your email address when you registered you can retrieve these details by going to the Existing User page by clicking on the "Sign In" button on the home page and entering your email address. If not then you will need to create a new account.
All other users - Go to the Existing User page by clicking on the "Sign In" button on the home page and enter the email address which you used during registration and we will send your password via email.
How secure is my personal information?
All information that is received, used or disclosed in connection with YourDiagnosis is encrypted. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is an industry standard encryption system to ensure that your personal information is fully protected and not accessible by any unauthorized individuals. YourDiagnosis follows International and National codes of practice to protect its customers and ensure complete confidentiality.
How do I view a previous summary?
Click on the "Start Online Diagnosis" button. Then choose the "Existing User" button. Here you will find options to view your past summaries or start a new session.
Why use YourDiagnosis when there are so many other health information websites on the internet?
YourDiagnosis is different from other online symptom analysis websites. YourDiagnosis performs a in-depth analysis, which collects all the information about your health condition and then forms a list of diagnoses.

YourDiagnosis has a database of thousands of questions. In most of the other online diagnostic websites, the total number of questions is fixed and you are required to answer all of them. In YourDiagnosis, the number and type of questions asked will vary depending on your responses. Analysis of your answers to these questions will provide a comprehensive list of possible or probable diagnoses which you can share with your doctor or health professional.
Do you receive income or endorsements from advertisers on your site?
No advertising is allowed on YourDiagnosis to maintain our professional integrity.