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Hello from the Editor

Welcome to the July 2006 edition of Your Health News – the e-newsletter for YourDiagnosis subscribers.

Let me introduce myself - I’m Lee and newly appointed as Editor of Your Health News. When first asked to bring this e-newsletter together for users of YourDiagnosis I wanted to know a little more about you. Who are you, where do you come from, what are your interests and are you reading the

Well, it turns out that since we launched Your Health News (then YDzine) in October 2003 we have grown to have over 250,000 readers, and Your Diagnosis.com (which went live in July 2002) has now had over 2 million hits! So yes you are reading us, and are very interested in your own health!

Our readers come from countries all around the world, from places as far apart as America, Australia, England, Germany and even in Antarctica (they have good internet connections down their believe it or not) and the only thing I know you all have in common, is an interest in your health.

Staying healthy throughout our lives is something we all strive for and with this in mind, ”Your Health News will continue to cover a range of current health topics and issues, relevant to as many people as possible across the globe.

We have now joined the Blogosphere! Our address is Yourhealthblogs.com and we look forward to reading your Blog.

Also in this edition, is your drinking within normal limits? Try our new free alcohol risk assessment tool. Yourxsdrinking.com

If you feel there are areas of health you would like us to cover, let me know and if there is enough interest I will see what I can do.
Cheers for now!


Start Your Own Health Blog


Have you ever wanted to start your own blog? Do you even know what a blog is?
Blog is short for web log and many people use them as an online diary.

Having a blog is a great way to express yourself and get some thoughts off your chest.

By having your own personal blog on YourHealthBlogs.com you can record, for example:

• The every-day experiences of living with a medical condition
• The successes and failures you’ve had searching for answers to a health question
• Progress you are making in improving your health.
• Ask a health question

The great thing about writing in a blog is that it’s so easy to make updates from anywhere you have internet access plus you can easily share it with others.
Why not have a look at what others have written. Click here and see if it inspires you to join the health blogging community.

Childhood Obesity

Fix it Early

In our previous newsletters we looked at how to identify childhood obesity, and the importance exercise plays in combating the problem. Around the developing world, many governments such as those in America, the UK and Australia have realized that they have a serious epidemic on their hands that is going to mean serious costs to the health of its population, and increased demand on their medical systems in the future. What can be done about it? Read more…

The One-Stop-Shop for Your Health

Many of you reading this will have used YourDiagnosis.com. The online diagnosis system has now been available on the Internet for four years. In that time YourDiagnosis has continued to develop and respond to your requests, and as such is now able to provide a suite of online health tools, including a personal health record and an excess drinking program to assist you in looking after your health. All these sites can now be found on one site.

YourHealthOrganizer(YHO) also offers special member benefits include loyalty programs.
• 10-25% discount off the regular price of all YHO medical diagnostic products, online medical consultation, all other health management tools
• Opportunity to earn YHO health points with every purchase you make
• Free access to YourHealthRecord (including Doctor Provider Access and Emergency Access)
• Free access to YourHealthForum



“Forget positive thinking – positive reality is the key!”
Unknown author

Photographing Skin

Finding Skin Cancer and Melanoma
by Dermatoscopy

While its midwinter here in Australia and Aussies are covering up, it’s the height of summer in the US and Europe and time for a skin check or the mole patrol.

If you have EVER been sunburnt in your life, that single dose of bad sunburn is enough to put you at risk of skin cancer for decades to follow. Also getting a sudden burst of summer sun after winter can initiate mole activity.

What you should be looking out for? Read more…

Summer Beauty Tip

Sunscreen is the Best Product to Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Moisturisers, toners, cleanser… what are the best products to keep your skin looking healthy? The Cancer Institute of NSW Australia is not alone in saying that protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun is one of the best ways of looking after it. So why not think of sunscreen as a beauty product. Read more…


(Thrombo means clot and Phlebitis, inflammation of the vein.)

You might have heard of serious condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which is of particular concern to people on long aeroplane flights. This condition is caused by clots forming in veins deep within the muscles.

Clots can also form in veins near the surface, often causing more noticeable symptoms particularly when the vein becomes inflamed. The general term for one or more inflamed veins caused by blood clots is Thrombophlebitis and occurs, typically in the legs. However, although rare, it may also occur in the veins of the arm. Read more…

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