What is YourHealthRecord?

There is a big buzz in medicine about a new tool for doctors. No, it’s not used to cut people open or stitch them up. It’s designed to help you get better and stay healthy. And the best thing about it is you can have one too...

It’s called a personal health record and it stores and organizes all the information important to your health in one place. Think of a Personal Health Record as a medical tool, and you’ll appreciate its true value.

Keeping track of your health
Every time you see a new doctor, much time is spent understanding the bigger picture in terms of your health - the clearer the picture, the more accurate the diagnosis and the better the treatment. Your past medical history is as important as your current symptoms when making a diagnosis. But it can be hard to remember all the relevant information, and the fact that doctors are often very busy, doesn’t help.

Managing your own health record
YourHealthRecord lets you store all your important health-related information on the Internet. It’s easy to update and you can access the information any where and any time. Your record remains anonymous and secure at all times. You choose who you want to share the information with. So, when you next need to see a doctor, simply print out your record or e-mail it to your doctor. You can also give your doctor limited access to your YourHealthRecord on the Internet.

To get your own health record go to www.YourHealthRecord.com