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Welcome to our latest YourHealthNews. At YourDiagnosis, we are keen to offer you the latest health information as well as let you know about our recent developments. We are excited by the linking of YourHealthRecord directly to YourDiagnosis. This means that the results of the YourDiagnosis session are now conveniently stored in YourHealthRecord giving you (free of charge) a place to store and update all of your health records (see article below).

YourDiagnosis.com has been around for 6 years now and we are happy as leaders in online Health to celebrate over 2.3 Million YourDiagnosis users.

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Is Teflon Safe?

It is well known that if pots or pans coated with Teflon are heated on a stove without any food in them, pet birds living in the kitchen can easily die from the fumes given off. It’s a condition some vets call “Teflon Toxicosis”. It makes you wonder if these non-stick coatings might be harming us.

YourDiagnosis gets the HON code

YourDiagnosis recently gained the HON code, which is an accreditation only given to medical websites if they meet certain medical standards. Currently the HONcode has been issued to over 5000 accredited websites, covering 72 countries. YourDiagnosis continues to grow in popularity with over 1200 users per month.

Did you know?

Hundreds of people used YourDiagnosis everyday to get second opinion to explain the symptoms that are bothering them. Some conditions are more common than others. Here are 3 of the top diagnoses that people who have used YourDiagnosis might be suffering from.
• Tension Headache
• Back Pain
• Irritable Bowel syndrome

Fever Medication and Pregnacy

Many of you would be aware that great care should be taken with medications and drugs during pregnancy. Despite this, surveys around the world confirm that 90% of women take at least one medication at some time during their pregnancy. Many of these are not being prescribed. So what should a pregnant woman do if they have a headache or fever for example? Can they take common over the counter medications like Aspirin or Paracetamol (Also called Acetaminophen in some countries)

What is YourHealthRecord

There is a big buzz in medicine about a new tool for doctors. No, it’s not used to cut people open or stitch them up. It’s designed to help you get better and stay healthy. And the best thing about it is you can have one too...

It’s called a personal health record and it stores and organizes all the information important to your health in one place. Think of a Personal Health Record as a medical tool, and you’ll appreciate its true value.

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