As you may know, we have been running since 2002. Over 1,000,000 people have used our service. We hope you value the service as much as we do. What you may not know is that you also get a Free Personal Online Health Record with every YourDiagnosis report. 

How do I Get a Free Personal Health Record?

Complete a session and you will have automatically set up your own secure online Personal Health Record as well as receiving a YourDiagnosis Report.

Why would I want a Personal Health Record?

Your own secure protected Personal Health Record is a place to store all of your Health and medical details. It is available for access online 24/7.  Details you can store include:
  • Your medications,
  • Your Immunizations,
  • Illnesses, accidents and operations,
  • Your family history of illness,
  • Doctor visit and much more…

Show your Doctor a complete history of your health!


We are continually getting positive feedback from our users. A recent example is:

“I had congestive heart failure and had to have a bypass on JULY 29, 2007. Had it not been for your website, I would have never discussed the findings with my doctor. THANK YOU!”
Pay What You Want

We are keen to keep the site as pure as possible with no advertising or sponsorship. To help us continue to do this we have brought in a new concept –
“Pay What You Want!”

"The Pay What You Want!"
proposition is as follows – if you feel our service is worthwhile please pay what you believe is a fair amount for the service. Simple as that! We will leave it to you to decide the value of the service.

We will continue to work on the site and content as well as bring in new functionality, suggestions are always welcome. YourDiagnosis will remain free from advertising and unbiased in the use of latest medical research and standards. We look forward to your continued use of our site into the future. Team

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