Feb 09
Gout Sufferer’s Diet Mistakes

Many patients diagnosed with gout are not listening to the messages about modifying their diet. Gout is made worse by foods which increase blood uric acid levels. Australian researches from Flinders University in Adelaide found that more than two thirds of patients with gout were still consuming the following items known to be bad for gout:
• Beer
• More than 2 standard alcoholic drink a day
• Purine rich seafood
• More beef and lamb than recommended.

Many gout patients avoid the positive dietary advice that recommends consuming:
• Low fat dairy products
• Vitamin c containing fruit like such as oranges and tomatoes
• Whole meal bread

Some patients mistakenly blamed certain foods such as tomatoes for causing gout attacks. The study underpins the advice that gout patients should seek good dietary advice preferably from a dietician.

Flu Spreads Better in Dry Air

Flu virus appears to be more easily transmitted in dry air, which may explain why flu outbreaks are more common in winter. US researchers found that influenza A, a major cause of flu in humans, appears to live longer and transmission rates increase when absolute humidity is low.

Previous studies have indicated relative humidity affects virus transmission and survival. Some speculate this is because the mucous membranes in the nose and lungs are more susceptible to virus penetration.

This study is different because it looked at ‘absolute humidity’ and its affect on the virus’s survival. Absolute humidity quantifies the actual amount of moisture in the air, while relative humidity is the ratio of air water vapour content compared to the saturating level, which varies with temperature.

On the bright side the result could mean that global warming would slow the transmission of flu, as a warmer climate mostly increases absolute humidity.

Eat at the Operating Table

If your eating dinner in an sterile operating theatre while being served by waiters dressed as nurses is your cup of tea, then why not check out the hospital themed restaurant called ‘Hospitalis.’

Found in the Latvian capital of Riga this restaurant would be a hit with anyone interested in all things medical. The Hospitalis décor resembles a sterile white hospital environment complete with surgical instruments and medical literature. Drinks are served in test tubes and the menu as found on their website appears to be normal fine modern fare. However there is a ‘crazy’ menu too that features food that can be ‘shocking in appearance’, some of which is fed to customers while held in restraint!

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