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Hello and welcome to another issue of YDzine.

This month regular readers will notice we have made the newsletter more compact.

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Enjoy the festive season and have a safe new year!


YourDiagnosis SexualHealth

www.YourSexualDiagnosis.com is an computerized symptom analysis specifically for problems “down there”. Users remain completely anonymous while answering questions about their sexual health issues.

YourNetDoctor Goes Live

A new website joins the YourDiagnosis.com stable.

Called YourNetDoctor, this website lets users ask a Doctor a question. Unlike YourDiagnosis which uses a computerized system to evaluate your complete set of symptoms,

YourNetDoctor allows you to just come out and ask the Doctor a question about an area you need help to understand. Its one of the most private and easy ways you can contact a qualified doctor.


 2mins with Hippocrates

What’s Your Cholesterol?

Are you one of the people who thinks, “I’ll worry about my cholesterol when I get older”. It’s important to know your cholesterol at any age, because research is finding that beginnings of artery disease can start even during childhood.

A study at the University at Buffalo in New York found signs of thickening in the coronary arteries of children as young as 7years old.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, high cholesterol is a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.

You have probably heard about the importance of regular exercise and not eating too much fatty food which can help reduce cholesterol levels.

Even if you do these things and you are in your 20’s its still worth popping a long for a quick test just to make sure.

 Your Health

Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold?

Or is it feed a fever, starve a cold? At least that rhymes better! The point is neither of them is a good idea.

This old wives tale is based on the belief that food acts like fuel to your temperature.

The thinking is if you have caught a chill, you need to fan the flames, but if you have a fever, you need to remove the fuel to lower the blaze.

When your body is fighting infection, it needs a normal healthy diet, plenty of liquid, and rest.

 Lifestyle Tip

Kiwifruit a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Eating kiwifruit daily could be good for your heart. Norwegian scientists shows that these furry brown fruit, sometimes called chinese goosberries can reduce the amout of fat carried in the blood and reduce the risk of blood clots.

The groundbreaking findings at the University of Oslo, showed that eating two or three kiwifruit a day for 28 days reduced the clotting of platelets. Consumption of kiwifruit also lowered by 15 per cent blood levels of trigylcerides - fats which are a component of 'bad cholesterol'.

There is something in kiwifruit which creates an anti-platelet effect although it is believed it worked in a different way to low doses of aspirin, a popular means of thinning the blood to reduce the risk of clots. Besides these new findings it is well know that kiwifruit are rich in healthy vitamins.

A NewZeland based kiwifruit company Zespri which supplied the kiwfruit for the study claimed kiwifruit contain twice as much vitamin C than an orange.

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 Web Watch

How do you rank in the world when it comes to income? You might be surprised to find that you are richer than you think!


 Just for Fun


Doctor, Doctor, I can’t stop myself steeling things.

Take these pills and if they don’t work, bring me a back computer!


 Hot Dates

December 24: Christmas eve.
You all know about Christmas, but did you know the first audio radio broadcast occurred nearly 100 years ago on this day in 1906 when Reginald Fessenden transmitted O Holy Night from Brant Rock Station Massachusetts to the ships at sea. More information - wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

All December: Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (US National) for more information see www.3dmonth.org

All December:
Prevent Blindness America Web site: www.preventblindness.org


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