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As a subscriber, you will have unlimited access to our online Health Management Tools. In addition, you will get Health Points which you can spend on our online diagnostic tools. So why wait!
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Organize and manage your health information with state-of-the-art tools available to members only:

  • Organize your medical history in a secure, personal online Health Record.
  • Provide emergency staff access to your medical history by using the Emergency Card.

  • Allow health care provider selective access to your medical record and secure online communication through the Provider

  • Discuss your health concerns anonymously through the Health Forum.

As a YourHealthOrganizer member, the above health management tools will provide you with everything you need to manage your personal health effectively.

Diagnose your unexplained symptoms or get a second opinion with online diagnostic tools available to members or non-members:

  • YourDiagnosis is a sophisticated online medical diagnostic tool able to intelligently ask questions and analyze symptoms. It generates a comprehensive list of possible diagnosis. Learn More
  • YourSexualDiagnosis is a specialized version of YourDiagnosis focusing on sexual health issues. It is a secure and anonymous way to diagnose sexual health problems. Learn More
  • YourSkinDiagnosis is a specialized version of YourDiagnosis focusing on skin problems Learn More
  • YourNetDoctor is the easiest, quickest and most private way to get a medical opinion from an experienced physician. Learn More

Use each online diagnostic tool individually or more effectively as part of a subscription to YourHealthOrganizer. Learn More 

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Last Update 11 Mar 2008