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YourNetDoctor is the easiest, quickest and most private way to ask a Physician questions.

Be informed so you can make confident health decisions.

No Embarassment

Learn about sensitive health issues without feeling embarrassed.  No one will know who you are, not even the Doctors at YourNetDoctor.

Maximum Privacy and Security

To protect your privacy YourNetDoctor responses are not sent by email. Rather you log onto this website using a Secret ID and Password to read the personal response.

No Stress

It's amazing how a professional answer  to a simple question can put your mind at ease. Don't put it off. Find out what you need to know right now. Simply click on the 'New User' button and ask your question.

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Specialists Available
in all Areas
Our general Physicians will refer your quesions to the appropriate specialists as required.

Good Value
Second Opinion
It only costs $60 to ask a question. One General Physician will take personal care of your case, but every answer is checked and signed off by another doctor for quality review purposes.