Embarrassment Free Anonymous Sexual Health Analysis

YourDiagnosis the world renowned automated medical diagnosis and history taking website now has a Sexual Health edition designed to help you better understand your personal concerns.

YourDiagnosis can analyse symptoms such as itching, pain, blisters or rashes. Have you noticed unusual discharges, smells, or irregular bleeding? Is sex painful or difficult? Could you be pregnant? These are just few of the concerns YourDiagnosis Sexual Health can help you to explore.

Do you have erectile difficulties, pain, rashes, dribbling or unusual lumps in your testicles? Do you have difficulty passing urine, or experience pain or blood on urination? Learn about the possibilities or look for symptoms following risky unprotected intercourse.

YourDiagnosis Sexual Health can help couples to confront potentially embarrassing health questions together or help to you better understand your partner's issues.