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Frequent Questions About YourDiagnosis Sexual Health How does YourDiagnosis Sexual Health work?
YourDiagnosis Sexual Health is an artificial intelligence (AI) question and answer system which analyses your symptoms for possible causes. A session on YourDiagnosis Sexual Health involves answering a series of multiple choice questions. The questions you are shown will vary depending on the answers you give.

YourDiagnosis Sexual Health will give you a report summarising your current state of health with a list of diseases that my match your condition.

How is my privacy guaranteed?
New users identify themselves using a “Secret ID” and Password. There is no need to use your real name or any other form of identification. The credit card holders details are not linked to the Secret ID.

Infection with the Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV) can only be accurately diagnosed with a blood test. There may be little or no symptoms. YourDiagnosis does not claim to be able to diagnoses this disease, but can assist in identifying risk factors which are similar to many other sexually transmitted diseases.

What happens if I lose connection to YourDiagnosis?
Don't worry; you will be able to get back to where you were up to so long as you remember your Secret ID and Password. You have 7 days to finish from when you started.

Can I stop halfway through a session?
Yes. You can take a break anytime after the registration page by pressing the "Save and Exit" bar at the bottom of the screen. You have 7 days to finish from when you started.

How do I go back and finish a session?
On the YourDiagnosis home page, click on "Existing User" button. Then you will have the choice to finish the session from where you left off.

I can't remember my Secret ID or Password.
Your Secret ID and Password can be sent to you if you gave an email address when you registered. Go to the Existing Users page to find the lookup link.

How much does it cost?
It only cost US $10.00 for a session on YourDiagnosis Sexual Health. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Why did my credit card show a different amount?
Your credit card bill will show the amount in Australian dollars. The payment is handled by Paypal. Depending on the exchange rate $10.00 American Dollars is about $12.65 Australian.

How secure are my credit card details?
YourDiagnosis does not store any credit card detail. Your payment details are sent directly to Paypal which performs the transaction. This maintains your anonymity on YourDiagnosis, while your payment is handled by one of the world's largest and most trusted payment gateway.

Further Questions
If you have further questions regarding YourDiagnosis please direct them to Contact@YourDiagnosis.com or use the feedback form.

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