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Security/Privacy Statement
The YourDiagnosis Sexual Health website and its parent company will be simply referred to as YourDiagnosis Sexual Health in this privacy statement.

All information that is received, used, or disclosed in connection with YourDiagnosis Sexual Health is encrypted. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure that your personal information is not accessible to any unauthorized party. When you type in your personal information, YourDiagnosis Sexual Health establishes a secure connection with your browser so your information is 'encrypted' or scrambled, on a special server. This means that any third party that may try to view the message will not be able to understand the information contained within it. All these processes take place behind a "firewall" which protects your information from unauthorized users such as hackers. YourDiagnosis Sexual Health follows the best practice in the industry to protect its customers.

Access to Records
Only entities that will have access to your information are YourDiagnosis Sexual Health itself and any third parties hired by YourDiagnosis Sexual Health to assist us in operating, maintaining, and improving the site. These third parties are required by us to hold your information in the strictest of confidence and may not use or disclose it except to fulfill the service we hired them to perform. YourDiagnosis Sexual Health will not share any of the personal information that is stored in YourDiagnosis Sexual Health with any other third parties without your express permission.

Information Collected
We gather site usage information and traffic patterns to help us develop the design and layout of the site and to continuously improve your experience at YourDiagnosis Sexual Health. We may share aggregate, non-personal, statistical information regarding our customers and traffic patterns and site usage with our partners. Without your express permission, we will Never reveal your personal identity or preferences. To improve the design and layout of the site, we collect non-personal information such as IP address, ISP and Browser information. This is for internal use only, and we do not share it with any third parties.

Changes to the Security/Privacy Policy
YourDiagnosis Sexual Health will notify its members by e-mail, of any changes to the Security and Privacy policy. Changes will also be posted on the front page, for returning members.

Further Questions
If you have comments or questions regarding our Security and Privacy policy, please direct them to Contact@YourDiagnosis.com
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